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About the Artist

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      Robert Rose's work centers around the idea of bridging different photographic formats together, ranging from film to digital with specialization and emphasis in film and alternative processes. He enjoys exploring how different artistic mediums can be utilized interconnectedly and manipulated to achieve various unique results. Rose's work centralizes around the idea of time and changes with a critical look at how society has developed and left various footprints throughout time while continuing to still do so. 

     He draws from a  place of simplicity when it comes to processing and creating work, differing from a seemingly normal, face-paced, day to day existence. Finding solace in his trips in not only the making of work but creating and experiencing moments together with his partner, dog and those that mean the most. 

     Rose's work has been published in several art and writing journals and has been exhibited in collective exhibitions. Earning

his Bachelors's in Fine Arts of Art Education and Photography, he graduated from the University of

North Carolina Greensboro and spends his time teaching, making photographic work, and spending time with family enjoying the Views from the Vair.

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